January 21, 2018

Mexico files brief against Utah…federalism at issue?

Immigration is one of those issues that never seems to go away. While almost every policy can be debated, either passionately or with blithe calm, immigration seems to evoke a passionate and even angry response from people who are, otherwise, level-headed and even-tempered.

“I have a dream”

Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr. A friend of mine has an excellent suggestion: take few minutes to watch Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous speech, the “I have a dream” address on the national mall. Check it out on her site: “I have a dream” « Holly On The Hill.

Is John Tyner a modern day Rosa Parks?

Less than ten years after 9/11 made us all afraid to fly, security precautions during pre-flight passenger screenings have  pushed Americans to near outrage. The anger stems from proceedures performed by TSA, the Transportation Security Administration,  which procedures include x-ray scanners that show naked images of passengers to screeners for the purpose of discovering any weapons or explosive […]