February 25, 2018

What is your favorite part?

Today, in honor of “Constitution Day,” in lieu of any gratuitous platitudes and commentary I give you the US Constitution itself (minus amendments) from the online site of the US Archives. Links will take you to Amendments that have superceded sections of original document. Signers are at the end and are linked to their biographies.

Take a half hour and read through it. If you are feeling more industrious and interested, check out ConSource.org for an excellent resource in learning more about the Constitution as it was originally written. ConSource posts images of the original document along side the transcript, as well as links to documents that further inform the original meaning of various portions of the Constitution (for example, letters from Founders, the Federalist Papers, etc).

What is the role of the Supreme Court, anyway?

“The Constitution, though it dates from the founding of the Republic, has powerful meaning and vital relevance to our own times. The constitutional protections that this case involves are protections of structure. Structural protections—notably, the restraints imposed by federalism and separation of powers—are less romantic and have less obvious a connection to personal freedom than the provisions of the Bill of Rights or the Civil War Amendments. Hence they tend to be undervalued or even forgotten by our citizens….”

“The Constitutional Origins of the American Revolution” by Jack P. Greene

Time for a segment of “A moment in obscure history.” This time, we’re looking at the constitutional dispute that resulted in the American Revolution. Since sometime in 2009, the Tea Party movement has lead a revival of interest in the US Constitution.  Senator Mike Lee summed up why the increased interest of late during the release […]

Meet a lawyer who practices Third Amendment law

Really? I doubt it. I’m about 89% sure that this is a joke…. A lawyer who practices Third Amendment law. That’s right. That’s the amendment about quartering soldiers in your home. T “Scotch” Reynolds: Third Amendment Lawyer | Big Legal Brain. BLB: Just what is the Third Amendment? Scotch: I can quote it, if you […]

Have you read the Utah constitution, lately?

Commentaries on the Utah Constitution | Equity of Law. When was the last time you reviewed the Utah constitution? Salt Lake Attorney Ben Lusty argues that in all the renewal of interest in the US constitution, we’ve missed the boat with state constitutions. But this rebirth of constitutional interest ignores the state constitutions.  From this […]

Guest Post: Holly Richardson’s “Article V Convention vs Con-Con”

By hollyonthehill Arguments against a Constitutional Convention (also called a Con-Con) are plentiful and rightly so. The last Constitutional Convention resulted in a new government. Opening up the Constitution could be like opening Pandora’s box. But. What happens with a federal government that is out of control? Representative Ken Ivory says that the distinct line between […]

Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting before the Supremes

Remember this one? This case deals with series of laws passed in Arizona in response to the failure of the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws. As summarized by the ACLU in September: As part of a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration laws, Congress adopted a series of carefully calibrated measures, beginning in the […]