January 20, 2018

April Fools or About Face?

  Today is April first, commonly called April Fools day, so like my good friend Shannon warns, “Trust no one.” Given the inclination of the press to play along, occasionally throwing out outlandish headlines that couldn’t possibly be true, there still comes this, that sounds like it should be a joke, but really, is more likely just […]

Sequester: a trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland [Contributor]

Rhett Wilkinson is a senior at Utah State University. He is studying journalism and political science. The opinions expressed are his own.   The feds ought to follow the lead of a certain rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who famously said “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” The first problem with this […]

A Tale of Two Governments

It’s a contrast that is impossible to miss: one government faces growth and another is struggling to compensate for spending beyond its ability to afford.

Crockett, McAdams prepare to debate tonight and this weekend [Examiner.com]

In what is shaping up to be one of Utah’s most watched elections this year, candidates for Salt Lake County mayor will meet in three debates this week and several more in the coming weeks.

Starting tonight on KCPW, Republican businessman Mark Crockett and Democratic Senator and political consultant Ben McAdams will debate why each should be chosen as mayor of Utah’s most populous county. This is not the first debate between the two, but it is the first broadcast during the prime time hours from 6 to 8 PM.

Losing sight of the forest for the trees

The state of the debate, says the Economist, is poor, though. On the right, taxes can never balance the deficit (even though the Economist cites Milton Friedman just a sentence before) and expansive spending is justified for prisons, national security, and big business subsidies. On the left, reform is impossible, with Obama methodically “unpicking welfare reform” passed over the last twenty years, including under President Clinton’s administration. Further, “Mr Obama seems to think the public sector is inherently more moral than the private one. Companies are at best cows to be milked, at worst prey to be hunted.” [cont…]

Why the federal budget is like a road trip…at 174 miles per hour.

I had lunch with a fascinating guy today: Matthias Shapiro, or @politicalmath if you’re on Twitter. Matthias has done a few amazing visualizations on YouTube to demonstrate the realities of America’s budgetary problems. He explained to me that he got started when he heard President Obama offer, early in his term, to cut $100 billion […]

Federal budget outraces CPI by four times

Did you know that federal spending has increased  faster than consumer prices? Four times faster? From 2000 to 2010, federal spending has increased 106% while prices (according to the Consumer Price Index) have only increased 26%. In other words, while the cost of stuff has risen only 26%, the government is spending roughly four times more than if […]