February 25, 2018

Have you been able to sign up for Obamacare?

Have you been able to sign up for healthcare through the federal government’s site? Reports are widespread that few people have, and those who are trying are finding the site has serious technical problems. If you have, or have not, been able to get your healthcare through the federal website, I’d like to hear your […]

News Flash: Unions limit liberty, contribute to fiscal stress

I’ll let Chris Edwards commentary at CATO speak for itself: Statistical studies find that unionized public sector workers earn a wage premium of about 10 percent over non-unionized public sector workers… employee compensation represents half of all state and local government spending. Aside from inflated wages, public sector unions have pushed for excessive pension benefit […]

Killing the golden goose in Wisconsin

Greed: what is it good for? In my other life, I play a member of one of the major political parties, and I regularly engage in issues, campaigns, and debates on a partisan level. In all of my activities, however, I try to maintain a level of civility that encourages healthy debate and discussion that allows […]