January 21, 2018

C is for Comeback America by David Walker

Sometimes, I’m a cynic. For example, I don’t trust that Democrats care as much about the Second Amendment and gun regulation, immigration reform, or gay marriage as they say (heck, I’m not even sure Republicans care as much as they say, either, but that’s another post). I think they’re, largely, cherry picking issues that they […]

Are we in the midst of the rise of China and the decline of America? [graphs]

If these days and years will be seen as great, it will be because we will decide in coming months and years what course we will take, pass policies that reverse the trends and return America to its competitive edge and full solvency as the best investment in the world, or whether we will lapse into decline. Will we figure out a way to care for the poor and disadvantaged, to keep our promises to older generations, but refrain from pouring an unbearable burden on our children and grandchildren?

Or, perhaps better said: will we return America to a beacon on a hill, the leader of the free world? [cont…]

Obama’s Latest Jobs Speech: “Stop the political circus,” says the Ring Master.

President Obama and I agree on at least one thing: “Washington hasn’t always put [Americans’] interests first.” Ain’t that the truth. With Republicans vying for his job, the economy persistently sluggish, and unemployment relatively unchanged since the Bush Administration, President Obama took to the podium to make “the big speech” before a special Joint Session […]

The Debt is Too Darn High

Apparently, that thing about ostriches sticking their head in the sand is no joke. Nor is it without parallel in the human world. The other day I cited a study by a several prominent economists. Their research argued, quite persuasively, that excessive debt tends to inhibit economic growth. They looked a thirty year period,  included the debt levels of […]

Recoveries Comparison: Reagan and Obama

Art Imitates Life: Senator To Propose New Internet Sales Tax

Today is Tax Day, and Atlas Shrugged is out this weekend. It’s a tale of what happens when government tries to be all things to all people (and, in consequence, grows in proportion and negative effect). True to form, one politician is expected to propose a tax on one of the most popular business models […]

Rules for Economic Growth: Finding a “golden mean” for laws affecting innovation & entrepeneurship

“There has never been a prosperous society without some form of government,” said Richard Vedder, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Ohio University; Adjunct Scholar, American Enterprise Institute. On the other hand, “a society that has been controlled by government has never had extended prosperity.” So what is the golden mean? Whether we agree on the level that […]