January 20, 2018

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Could Utah go blue? Why the Democratic Takeover of Colorado Matters to Republicans, even in “red” Utah

If you walk away with nothing from this book, it should be this: by using data, organization, and money,  political operatives are manipulating how voters think about their candidates with less than accurate information, and it is driving good candidates away from public service. Without a doubt, “The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado”  is […]

Post-Thanksgiving Relief: Thai Siam Restaurant

Is it the weekend after Thanksgiving, yet? Tired of turkey and rolls, cranberries and stuffing, potatoes and pie, yet? Try something completely different, then. Try Thai Siam in Salt Lake City. (1435 S. State St.) “Yay! I’m a fan” is a great way to describe how I feel about Thai Siam. I found it when […]

Are you a good writer? Could you be a better writer?

“As a colleague of mine once put it, ‘I never met a man who didn’t think he was a great lover or a lawyer who didn’t think he was a great writer. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they’re deluded.’” Theodore L. Blumberg, The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Writing 1 (2008). (Hat tip to Wayne Schiess.) […]

Law Practice Tip #1: Market Yourself Non-Stop

One thing they spend very little time teaching in law school, if any at all, is how to make money as a lawyer. Which is ironic, because all of us have heard the jokes about lawyers and their greed. How do you make a penny into a wire? Give it to a lawyer. Or how about this […]

Is John Tyner a modern day Rosa Parks?

Less than ten years after 9/11 made us all afraid to fly, security precautions during pre-flight passenger screenings have  pushed Americans to near outrage. The anger stems from proceedures performed by TSA, the Transportation Security Administration,  which procedures include x-ray scanners that show naked images of passengers to screeners for the purpose of discovering any weapons or explosive […]

Jeffs to Texas? Not yet…but soon.

Just hours after Utah‘s 3rd District Court ordered Warren Jeffs extradited to Texas, the Utah Court of Appeals granted a temporary stay of the order, if just until Wednesday. Jeffs attorney Walter Bugden immediately appealed the decision [to extradite Jeffs], and late Monday afternoon the Utah Court of Appeals agreed to halt the extradition at […]

Are you flying this holiday?