January 23, 2018

Got creative?

Behold, 29 suggestions for keeping that creative spark alive: (h/t Lifehacker)

Law Practice Tip #8: Make things easier to understand

“No one will ever complain about your writing making something easier to understand.” That’s how you should try to write, whether its for a partner, a judge, or your client. Simple, clean, articulate, and careful. No one has to read what you write, and it doesn’t take much to distract the reader to something else. […]

Law Practice Tip #5: Three steps to a handwritten ‘Thank You’ card

Strictly speaking, my tip for today–to send, thoughtful,  hand written “thank you” notes–is not just a tip for your law practice, but one of those commonsense touches that has been almost forgotten. In a time when electronic communication is ubiquitous, be it by email, Twitter, Facebook, or text message, the literally written word takes on […]

Are you a good writer? Could you be a better writer?

“As a colleague of mine once put it, ‘I never met a man who didn’t think he was a great lover or a lawyer who didn’t think he was a great writer. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, they’re deluded.’” Theodore L. Blumberg, The Seven Deadly Sins of Legal Writing 1 (2008). (Hat tip to Wayne Schiess.) […]

Quote of the day: writing

One cannot obtain the full benefit of learning from what one reads if one does not write, too.