January 21, 2018

Some tips from a graduate of Utah’s New Lawyer Training Program

Last year, the Utah Bar Association for the first time implemented the “New Lawyer Training Program,” (NLTP) a requirement for new lawyers in Utah. The goal of the Utah NLTP is to match new lawyers with more experienced lawyers for training during their first year of practice in professionalism, ethics, and civility; to assist new […]

Law Practice Tip #4: read “The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Practicing Law”

Whether you’re a newly minted lawyer or a third year associate, a solo practitioner or one of hundreds in a national firm, you should regularly  review of the basics of practicing law. Research, writing, presentation, argument, and knowledge of the law are just tools of our trade, and keeping them sharp is as important to our practice […]

Law Practice Tip #3: Declining Representation

If you’re like me, you occasionally get calls from family or friends about legal issues, and not because they want to hire you. Additionally, because you’re a lawyer, you get those occasional legal questions while out and about socially. People making conversation. Or so you think. Until suddenly you get a notice from the court […]

Law Practice Tip #1: Market Yourself Non-Stop

One thing they spend very little time teaching in law school, if any at all, is how to make money as a lawyer. Which is ironic, because all of us have heard the jokes about lawyers and their greed. How do you make a penny into a wire? Give it to a lawyer. Or how about this […]

Lawyers don’t produce anything.

This is the one in which a lawyer produces something.  But first, this from Antonin Scalia: [L]awyers, after all, don’t produce anything. They enable other people to produce and to go on with their lives efficiently and in an atmosphere of freedom. That’s important, but it doesn’t put food on the table… And now, cut […]

Opening up the books on post-grad employment

Remember graduating from law school?  Remember studying for the bar, and then taking the bar, and then that long wait for results?  And, if you were in my class, just starting to realize that the economy’s nose dive affected the legal industry, too, there was during all of that the constant hunt for a job. […]