January 23, 2018

WRR: Thai Orchid | Quaint, but Authentic

When our first pick for lunch turned out to be closed, we took a look around and saw two restaurants. One had a full parking lot of cars in front of it, while the other looked like it, too, might be closed. We picked the restaurant less  visited…and it made all the difference.

With a proprietor who clear spoke English only as a second language and enough Thai art (elephant sculptures, multi-armed goddesses and the like) to fill a crate, I knew we were going to get authentic Thai cooks,  if not also authentic food, and we did get authentic food.

For my first meal at Thai Orchid, I chose a classic: pad thai. In response to our waitress’ broken English question about spiciness, I said that I liked spicy. She smiled a grin that seemed to be half laughing at me. I could tell why as soon as I started into the sticky, sweet pasta–it was spicy. Add to that a pepper I had sprinkled over it, at the host’s suggestion, and it was a meal that cleaned out my sinuses.

I don’t, however, regret it. The dish was excellent, and I left little on my plate. Among the many Thai restaurants I’ve sampled over the years, this is one of the better pad thai recipes I’ve enjoyed. I’ll be back again soon.

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 7/10 (not much to shout about)

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