January 23, 2018

WRR: The Red Iguana 2

Reviewing the Red Iguana is a bit like shooting fish in a bucket…with a shotgun. It’s hard not to get a great meal, and it’s even harder not to write great stuff about it.

So stop reading now if you’re expecting a critical review. I’m a big fan of all things Iguanan (Red or Blue), and it’s oh, so hard to find faults in that which is loved.

This was my first time at the semi-new location for the Red Iguana on South Temple. The first thing I noticed when walking in was that while it was just as tightly packed as the old location, everything felt new and clean (not that the North Temple location isn’t clean…), but still kept the same feel of a Mexican pop culture restaurant. It felt comfortable, in spite of how close tables and chairs were to each other.

But enough about the interior design–let’s talk food! I usually go straight to the mole section of the menu and pick something at random, but today something persuaded me to go out on a limb and try a new area of the menu. I didn’t go too far out, though: I found a delicious sounding dish call Enmoladas in the “Marvels of Mexico” section…it had mole negro on it. I know, right?

It was fantastic. The portion was not so large that I felt stuffed, but, as Goldilocks might say about the third bowl of porridge, was just right–neither too large nor too small. Three enmoladas–folded corn tortillas filled with refried beans–were centered on a warm plate, drenched with a generous portion of mole negro, topped with a mix of queso fresco cotija, and topped with pickled red onion. The plate was garnished with a pickled jalapeno.

But you can get all that from a glance at the menu. What you can’t get is that the mole was thick, faintly sweet, and tasted just barely of cacao, while the tortillas were fresh, as were the beans. I’m afraid that eating might have been difficult, but for some self discipline. My mouth was enjoying the delight.

If you’ve not made it over to the South Temple location of the Red Iguana, take a lunch and head on over. The enmoladas will make the trip (short as it is) worth it.


Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

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