January 23, 2018

Romney’s Mormonism or Romney’s Religiousness?

If you’ve been paying attention even the slightest, you probably know that Mitt Romney is Mormon. On the other hand, you’d be hard pressed to remember if you had heard him talk about it much, if at all, even if you were a close watcher of the GOP race for the nomination.

Why is that?

In 1960, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon competed for the White House. In something of a “flash of lightning which illuminated, but only momentarily, a darkened landscape,” as Robert Putnam says his book “American Grace,” we caught a look at how Americans view religion, especially as it relates to who we select for for our President. [cont…]

Pew Polls Mormons About Being Mormon.

With the contest for the GOP Presidential nomination leaving the more tolerant American northeast (New Hampshire) and heading back into evangelical territory, Mitt Romney’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (“LDS” for short) faith (aka “Mormonism” or the “Mormons” in the popular press) is back in the news. The Pew Research Center, in anticipation, has released a new poll on Mormons.

…or rather, of Mormons. As in: how do Mormons see themselves?

I know. Interesting, right? Who doesn’t love a good case of ompholaskepsis? I mean, besides the Kardashian sisters and the Jersey Shore crew? (Yes, I did just manage to get a ten-dollar word in the same line as a reference to the Kardashians and Snooki. There’s got to be some kind of blogger bingo reward for that). [cont…]

Nationwide Poll: Most know that Mormons are Christians, but especially Republicans.

Most people consider Mormons–members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints–to be Christians, says a new nationwide poll by the Salt Lake Tribune. That’s interesting, and it’s also probably good news to Mitt Romney, whose biggest liability is not the health care reforms he signed as Governor of Massachusetts but his religion.

What’s more interesting, at least to me, is who questions Mormons’ Christianity. It’s not those “crazy” conservatives; rather, it’s the Democrats and Independents.

Such a thing as bad press for Mormons after Jeffress?

A political consultant I once worked with, after we saw our candidate’s name appear prominently in a less than flattering newspaper article, made the following comment: “Did they get his name right? We’ll take it.” In other words, there’s nothing wrong with free press. (A caveat might be carved out for when that press involves […]

Utah Democrats raffling off LDS Conference tickets.

Utah Democratic Chair Jim Dabakis is raffling off the chance to sit with him at the LDS Church’s biannual General Conference.  Does that amount to selling political favors or missionary work? And who is getting worked? Last I heard, Dabakis was not a Mormon–so is this some strange way of getting him to listen to […]

“One of these two Mormons could be our next president…the other is Jon Huntsman.”

In the arena of both “funny” and “perhaps too true,” The Colbert Report had a segment on Mormons. Click on the picture below to watch it. A few highlights to watch for: Mormon = weird…as defined by a guy who looks great, has great hair, and was the weird guy in high school with all […]

Mitt Romney and “the Mormon Question.”

The “Mormon” question. [sigh] Who hasn’t heard it yet? Can a Mormon be elected president? I can’t get into a conversation about politics and the 2012 campaign for the White House without Mitt Romney coming up. This includes conversations with your average voters and political insiders, family and friends, Democrats and Republicans alike. (Why, yes, […]