February 25, 2018

Hide your children, hide your wife…it’s the 2012 Legislative Session!

If you are intent on following what’s going on in the legislature, and I think its not a bad idea, there are a lot of ways to do it. This is the era of the internet, after all, and it’s easier than ever to get information fast, even when you can’t go hobnob at the State Capitol itself (especially if, like me, you’ve gotta keep your day job). Whether you follow the tweets and the stories from your favorite local reporter and/or legislator, read the paper, check into the Utah Senate and House web sites to research bills, or actually show up at the Capitol, here’s a short guide to some of the tools out there (with due credit, of course, to the reporting team over at the Salt Lake Tribune which suggested most of these sources): [cont…]

When in doubt, apologize. Kudos to Brandon Beckham.

A couple of days ago, I argued that Brandon Beckham hurt his credibility by maligning his opponents. I stick by that. However, since then, Brandon wizened up: “I am very passionate about the principles behind the immigration issue as it affects every aspect of our community. However, I certainly erred in my wording. While I disagree with […]

To Brandon Beckham: Try a little honey before you resort to vinegar.

Remember the civility initiative that Utah was pushing earlier this year? I wrote about it here on the blog. The Utah Civility and Community 2011 site states that “In Utah we are committed to respectful discourse and behavior toward all people. Further we are committed to being a welcoming, inclusive and caring community. Now is […]

Opening of the Utah legislature

I’m here, up on “the hill” (which also happens to really be a hill, or at least a steep drive up towards Ensign Point) at the Utah State Capitol to watch the opening of the Utah legislature. They say that law making is like sausage making: you don’t necessarily want to know what goes into […]