January 23, 2018

Utah Politico Summer Reading: Senator Mike Lee [video]

It’s not too late to start a new book. And if you need a good idea or two, here are a few that Utah’s politicos are reading. This is the seventh in the series on what Utah’s politicians have on their summer reading lists. Senator Mike Lee has represented Utah in the U.S. Senate since 2010. When I asked what was […]

“Time Changed Hatch” Mailer Factually Correct

Is Freedom Works as dishonest as Freedom Path?

This post looks at a mailer I call “Time Changed Hatch.” As with the last two mailers, I have tried to go to the primary sources and have also reached out to the Hatch reelection campaign for any kind of response they might have. They have directed me to the site realhatchrecord.com but declined to respond directly to the mailer any further. I have utilized their site to augment my research into the primary sources.

The mailer opens with the following paragraph:

“In 1976, Orrin Hatch went to Washington. And just as time has shaped Utah’s unique … [cont]

Freedom Path “Two Scoops…” Mailer Misses the Truth on Double-Dipping

Recently, I started to get glossy mailers lamblasting Chris Herrod and Dan Liljenquist, the two candidates who are challenging Senator Orrin Hatch for one of Utah’s seats in the US Senate.

I was not surprised. It’s not even an open secret that Orrin Hatch has been for the last two years preparing for a frontal assault on his renomination. Despite the fact that we are still a month away from the actual selection of state delegates for the Utah Republican Convention on March 15, I expected that Senator Hatch (and his PAC Freedom Path) would be actively campaigning to fill caucuses with his supporters and to control the message about Hatch’s and his opponents’ records.

What surprised me was message in the mailers. [cont…]

Could you say “President Ryan” in 2013?

Rep. Paul Ryan is thinking about running for the soon to be vacated US Senate seat in his state. I think he could do better. And so could America. We could draft him for the Presidency. In truth, a presidential run makes a lot more sense for Ryan than does a Senate race. Ryan is […]