February 25, 2018

Crown Burger: The King of Second South

On the one hand, there are a lot of burger joints out there, and it takes a bit to rise above the pack. On the other hand, how hard is it to mess up ground beef? Well, I’ll let you answer that latter one for yourself, because I think it’s clear that there are still […]

The Bombay House: All sorts of win.

There are a good sampling of  Indian cuisine restaurants in Salt Lake City, and I’ve sampled several of them. Ali Baba provides good portions and a quick, lunch-time stop. Himalayan Kitchen has a great site downtown and serves excellent food. But the one place I return to again and again, and will continue to haunt […]

Bruges Waffles and Frites: My wife’s favorite way to start a Saturday

With good reason, when I want to curry favor with my better half, I suggest we go to Bruges for breakfast. Her eyes light up, and before I know it, she’s packed our two-year old in the car seat, buckled her self in, and honking the horn to get me out of the house. We […]

The Atlantic Cafe & Market: Quaint and Appetizing.

Do I go too easy on the restaurants I review? You tell me. I think I just happen to end up at some good restaurants. Today, I’m talking about The Atlantic Cafe on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s a tiny little place with a welcoming atmosphere and a busy lunch clientele, and […]

The Dodo: Don’t Forget to Order Dessert

The dodo was a large flightless bird related to the pigeon that went extinct several hundred years ago. With any amount of luck, the Sugar House restaurant by the same name will not experience the same result. Quite the contrary, actually. I expect this one will fly. I had no idea what to expect when […]

Original Pancake House: a winner, no matter what you order

On a morning like today’s, with the weather just a starting to feel a little warmer, but a cover of clouds still hanging over Salt Lake Valley, the best way to start the day is with pancakes. And nobody does better pancakes, or more varieties of them, than the Original Pancake House. Found in Sugar […]

Millcreek Cafe and Eggworks: Bustling for Breakfast

You know how it is when you show up for a late breakfast, run into old friends, neighbors, or family, and end up chatting it up over old times? That’s how breakfast at Millcreek Cafe and Eggworks feels. After slipping ourcar into a narrow spot in a crowded parking lot (interesting how that so often […]