January 21, 2018

The Atlantic Cafe & Market: Quaint and Appetizing.

Do I go too easy on the restaurants I review? You tell me. I think I just happen to end up at some good restaurants.

Today, I’m talking about The Atlantic Cafe on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s a tiny little place with a welcoming atmosphere and a busy lunch clientele, and a place to which I will gladly return to eat again.

We arrived just after the noon time hour began, and our party was given a long table down the middle of the room. The waitress, with an accent that sounded like she hailed from somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean, was friendly and personable, not to mention patient, as we waited for our group to all arrive, then wait again while we looked at the menu, then wait again when we weren’t sure even then what to order.

Yeah. We were that indecisive.

I ordered a “Diabolo” sandwich/panini, and it was a fresh and different change from my typical sandwich, and just tad spicy. The meat was well cured and the toppings were fresh. Across the table, Clint got a kabab that he very much enjoyed, and Spencer ate a gyro in about as much time as it takes to type this sentence. Other orders included a vegetarian lasagna that got excellent reviews, as well. Our drinks were kept full, and the food was brought quickly.

The lunch prices were reasonable–I think I dropped less than $10 on the meal and soft drink.

The Atlantic was worth the time to stop by, and I think the crowd that filled each table agreed with me. It was packed by the time we left just after 1.

APROPOS: As we were finishing up, I noticed a picture of Mehmet Okur on the wall, and then looked up to see him walking in with a friend. Apparently, he’s a fan, too.

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