January 23, 2018

Apparently, I need to misspel something.

Is there an online duty of responsibility (to act like an adult)?

We tweet. We update our Facebook status. We respond to someone else’s Facebook status. We write a blog post. We respond again. And sometimes, we have an “Exclusive!” But do we think first? Do we ask: should I? Would I want someone to say this about me?

Twilight and the Law

Yesterday, I put up a post with a clip from David Edelstein’s review on Eclipse, along with a funny picture of some fully grown women screaming for Twilight (which I have sense learned means they are “Twihards.” Or “Twilighters?”).   I wrote the post as a tongue in cheek jab at the new movie, wildly […]

Social media technology meets jury duty

In a high-profile criminal case in Maryland, lawyers for Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon are appealing the conviction of their client because almost half the jurors, in contravention of the judges orders not to communicate during the trial, “friended” each other on Facebook.  In another criminal case, the Maryland court of appeals overturned a first degree […]