February 22, 2018

When Jury met Google…

Image via CrunchBase GOOGLE + JURIES = PROBLEMS? Under the constitution, an “impartial jury” is guaranteed in criminal trials. However, with the advent of the internet, Google, and online social media, impartiality is becoming more questionable, and jurors are taking over their role as fact finders out of the court room and directly to online […]

Google more considerate of your privacy?

A few days ago, I noted that it’s a little scary how much information Google carries about its users online activities.  Google hosts your email, calendars, web searches, documents, and maps (not to mention pictures of your street).  And health data, too. But at least they’re conscientious about how that data is accessed. Eventually…like four months later […]

Big Brother, and Google, is watching you…

Image by Inmigrante a media jornada via Flickr I thought it was scary how much information Facebook had on me.  Yeah, right. Next to Google, Facebook is just almost benign.  Almost. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google (which does email, calendars, documents, searches, maps, directions, YouTube,  blogs, and so on), has his eye on you: […]