January 20, 2018

B is for Bankruptcy of Stockton, California

It’s a running joke around these parts (Utah) that a successful business plan for a California company starts with leaving California. The cost of living, rising taxes, and increased government regulation are all combining to make California less attractive, the beaches not withstanding. Now comes this: Stockton, California, a city of around 300,000, has declared […]

In California, anything is possible…maybe even “Fat History Month.”

Sometimes, laws don’t make sense. They’re the result of an agenda forced on the majority by a loud and influential minority. The law doesn’t reflect good public policy, just a successful lobbying effort. California‘s recent dictate to schools to teach the benefits of gays and lesbians to history is one such law. If people thought […]

DOMA on its way to review?

Is a case in California setting up DOMA for overturn? A federal judge in California has ruled that a federal appeals judge has no power to order the U.S. government to provide health benefits to the same-sex spouse of a court employee, but went on to invite a constitutional challenge to the law that mandates a […]

Prop 8 Advocates in Court Today: “Let us stand in for elected officials.”

With California elected officials opting out of defending Proposition 8, the advocates for the successful ballot measure went to court today to argue that they should be allowed to defend it in their place. Their brief, found here, argues that the voter initiative process depends on a legal defense in court. Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog […]

Pension Reform: what’s your plan?

If New York, California, New Jersey, and Illinois were the answer a Jeopardy question, the  category might be “States that are in Trouble because of Pensions.” On the other end of the spectrum, there’s Utah, where other states, including Montana, are starting to look for answers to the pension problems in their budgets. Pensions, or, simply […]

Democracy and Judiciary: at odds over Proposition 8

Image by riacale via Flickr One of the interesting points about American government is the balance in the federal constitution between democratic and non-democratic institutions.  It is, as was intended, a series of checks and balances on the power of too much democracy.  The Congress, the most democratic of the countries institutions at the federal […]

Prop 8 appeal is in

Happening today on the left coast: Judge Walker’s Proposition 8 decision was appealed. The backers of California’s Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage have started their appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of the trial judge’s ruling nullifying that ban under the federal Constitution.  The notice of appeal was filed right after the ruling was […]