February 25, 2018

Democracy and Judiciary: at odds over Proposition 8

Image by riacale via Flickr One of the interesting points about American government is the balance in the federal constitution between democratic and non-democratic institutions.  It is, as was intended, a series of checks and balances on the power of too much democracy.  The Congress, the most democratic of the countries institutions at the federal […]

Prop 8 appeal is in

Happening today on the left coast: Judge Walker’s Proposition 8 decision was appealed. The backers of California’s Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage have started their appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of the trial judge’s ruling nullifying that ban under the federal Constitution.  The notice of appeal was filed right after the ruling was […]

Proposition 8 overturned; next stop, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Just moments ago, the Judge Vaughn Walker of the  US District Court for the Northern District of California overturned Proposition 8, declaring it unconstitutional.  And, predictably per their promise, the legal team defending Prop 8 has sought a stay pending appeal.   In court papers filed Tuesday night, lawyers for the Proposition 8 defense team asked […]