January 22, 2018

From drip to fire-hose: ten days of focus on Swallow and Shurtleff

It’s hard not to wonder what kind of service Utah has been getting from its attorney general’s office for the last twelve years. With the news coming fast and furious from every news outlet in Utah, it’s becoming more and more unclear whether Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow didn’t spend more time focused on self-aggrandizement […]

Appointing versus Electing the Attorney General

To avoid the influence of cash on Utah’s chief law enforcement office, Senator Todd Weiler wants the legislature to look into amending the Utah  constitution to allow for an appointed attorney general. With Utah’s long history of flawed AGs, perhaps it’s an idea we should take seriously.   During the Utah Legislative Session, ended last […]

A Special Counsel to Investigate Swallow?

Utah Legislature set to move authority for a special counsel to LG With the last day of the Utah Legislative Session upon us, Utah’s representatives are set to finally take action to directly investigate the allegation against Utah Attorney General John Swallow. In Senate Bill 289, introduced by Senator Pete Knudson, the legislature would grant […]

Swallow swallows his words and Powers’ memory gets less “hazy”

Every week seems to bring a new revelation about John Swallow’s pre-election activities. His supporters (all three of them) keep saying to wait until the evidence gets out, but the way I see it, it’s only getting worse. I don’t know how you explain it all away. Forget about the facts. Never mind claims that  Swallow tried […]

With Public Polls Favoring His Resignation, Swallow’s Case is Murky

The news about John Swallow seems to get progressively worse.  His behavior may not have been illegal, but it skirts the line of what the public expects from elected officials enough that a plurality supports his resignation. Though none of the headlines this week has landed with the bombshell effect of that first story in […]

Where there’s smoke: a brief history of John Swallow in headlines

John Swallow has a habit of making newspaper headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. If it’s true that where there is smoke there’s usually fire, then the headlines that have followed Swallow’s career indicate a lot of fire. Only time will tell how much or if it will catch up to Swallow this time around.

They come to Congress poor, and they leave rich.

Have you seen the fascinating 60 minutes piece on how much money Congressmen make on the stock market off insider information? A bit chilling, to say the least. [60 Minutes]