January 23, 2018

First brush at the foreign policy debate winners

First off, I don’t think many people watched the debate. The Bears were playing the Lions, and the Cards were playing the Giants. If Twitter, Facebook, and my Better Half were any indication, foreign policy is just too boring for most Americans.

But…I like foreign policy. A lot. Here’s my take:

Questions on Benghazi remain

As President Obama goes on the Daily Show to explain what happened in Libya, it’s clear that a lot of questions remain, the least of which is: why doesn’t he go on a real news show to explain?

Is it possible that he’s afraid that real journalists might actually hold him accountable?

Hope is not a strategy, says Romney on Obama foreign policy

With Politico reporting that there has been a strategy shakeup in the Romney campaign led by Ann and Tagg Romney, we saw the first step in this change as Mitt gave a major policy speech yesterday on foreign policy. It’s not a top ten issue with voters, but it is an area where Romney must […]

Will the real America stand up and lead?

Romney’s response may not have been well timed or well said, but it demonstrates Americans’ disenchantment at what is missing from the Obama Administration’s foreign policy: a willingness to stand up for American values and let America lead again.

When every country is a “close and strong ally,” are any of them? [video]

With his eyes turned more towards reelection than America’s future and standing in the world, Obama (and his foreign policy speech writers) may have had his keyboard stuck on copy/paste. By seeing through eyes that neglect America’s unique “exceptionalism” in the world, Obama Administration foreign policy have threatened our stature on the world stage. In hitting the “reset” button, Obama has failed to consider the ultimate result in that reset on America and the world.

A false dilemma: Support a Dictator, or Support Oppressed People…How about instead support the “Constitution, limited government, limited executive power to kill people, [and] limited executive power to put our armed forces at risk…”

When in doubt of winning a debate, re-frame it as a false dilemma. In other words, make it impossible for people to choose anything but your side. Never mind if it means ignoring the Constitution or killing people, just to start. It takes a lot of restraint to put things in their fair perspective. Evidently, Secretary Clinton does […]

Libya: Members of Congress Challenging Constitutionality of Military Action

It’s the American way. Got a problem? Take it to court. Even if that problem is military action in Libya. While Rep. Boehner is taking a more diplomatic tact by sending a letter to President Obama seeking clarification on Libya, others have had enough and are challenging him in federal court. Is our continued military […]