January 23, 2018

Is your University short of cash? Just increase law school tuition.

Let’s say you’re the dean of a law school on the East Coast with just four years as dean under your belt. As your accomplishments, you can list the following: Increasing the school’s US News Ranking from 170 to 117 Higher bar passage than when hired A new building almost completed Securing a donor willing […]

Thinking about law school? Better check the ROI.

(Gavel Bang: TheBestColleges via Above the Law)

That’s a lot of weed…

L.O.L of the day is brought to you by the Namby Pamby: Attorney: According to our office manager, you are $5,000 short for the retainer payment. Client: But I already paid you five! Do you know how much weed I had to sell to get that??!? This is why you want to become a lawyer. […]

The Sad Truth: Why We Went to Law School

No more “third-tier toilet” for you to worry about?

With the release of U.S. News law school rankings comes a new style of ranking. No longer will school lower than 100 be grouped and unranked together. Yup, that’s right: say goodbye to the term “TTT,” or “third-tier toilet.” Now these schools get individual numerical ratings, instead of being lumped into an undifferentiated “third tier.” […]

IT’S ABOUT TIME: U.S. News Encourages Law Schools To ‘Fess Up on Employment Rates – Law Blog – WSJ

The rest of the legal world, and the legions of recent law grads that are unemployed and underemployed, already know this: law schools lie. Not directly, mind you. They just fudge the numbers. Now, finally, U.S. News, the leading source for the all important law school rankings, will  “encourage” law schools to come clean on the real […]

Some Advice on Job Interviews

Image by shindohd via Flickr If you know me, you know that I occasionally sport a bow tie. I’ve even been introduced as “the bow tie guy.” However, when I showed up for the interview for my current employment, sporting a black suit and a colorful bow tie, I was tactfully told by my future […]