January 23, 2018

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant: A Pleasant Surprise

If I had to sum up my experience at the Kyoto in seven words, those words would be: “Pleasantly surprised, and I’m going back, soon.”

Indeed. An associate recommended that our lunch group gather there for a change from the usual. I’ve not had Japanese before, but I like Thai and Chinese, so how different could it be?

I called a couple hours ahead, and the woman who answered the phone was pleasant, articulate, and friendly. In fact, when I gave her my name for  the table, she started asking me if I was related to so-and-so, who lives in Holladay…yeah, only in Utah.

They seated us right away and in a private booth in the very back. In true Japanese style, we removed our shoes to sit with our legs dangling under a table that was inset.  I admit–I was dubious about taking my shoes off, but by the time lunch was over I was more reluctant to put them back on again. It was a minor detail to the meal that I think added to the experience.

Without a clue of what to order, I took what sounded most familiar–a beef teriyaki. It was preceded by a small soup that was delicious. The steak was tender and soft, and one of the best pieces of meat I’ve eaten in a long time. One of our party had an order of sushi that he enjoyed, and that I’ll try next time.

The service was fast and pleasant, and they kept our drinks topped off through-out the meal.  Without a doubt, Kyoto was better than I had been told, and I look forward to returning again soon.

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