April 24, 2018

Picking the Best Candidate for Utah Attorney General

Tomorrow, the Republican Party will forward three names to Governor Gary Herbert who will appoint one of them as Utah Attorney General. All have great qualities, but only one of them has the right balance to manage the office, restore the public trust, and win reelection next year against a vigorous Democratic challenge for the […]

Candidates for Utah Attorney General: Michelle Mumford

[Updated 2:30 PM 12-11-2013]: Added American Lands Council 2013 Questionnaire Attorney General Candidates Transfer of Public Lands Responses by Michelle Mumford (embedded below). A candidate for Utah Attorney General, Michelle Mumford is seeking appointment by Governor Gary Herbert to replace former Utah Attorney General John Swallow, who resigned December 3. This is the sixth in a series of brief profiles on those […]

John Adams: From Boston to Guantanamo to DOMA

Michelle Mumford looks at the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) and its Defense in the context of the Honorable Monroe G. McKay, Senior Judge on the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, address to a group of young lawyers at the Utah State Bar’s annual Law Day luncheon on the theme of “The Legacy […]