February 22, 2018

WRR: Normandie Cafe

If you’re from Holladay, you know Normandie Cafe. If you’re not, get yourself to the east side, and get a sandwich, a brownie, or some quiche, and get to know the Normandie Cafe.

At the recommendation of the staff, I ordered the black bean burger with sweet potato fries.

“Is it beef, or black beans,” I asked, dubious about a menu item that seemed designed to trick me into something vegetarian, and therefore gross.

“No beef, but look–I don’t like vegetarian,” he said from under his fedora. “And I love it.”

Ok. Fair enough. If it’s good enough for him, perhaps it would be good enough for me…I decided to try it.

Let me tell you: it was awesome.

The bun was soft, but had been toasted on the inside where the burger sat, which added a crispy element to the bean burger that kept me looking for bacon. The bean burger itself was delicious, soft and firm all at once. A slightly spicy dressing topped it off, as well as fresh toppings.

The sweet potato fries weren’t to shabby, either. Quite the contrary, in fact. I’m not a sweet potato fan, not at all, and I found myself going back for one fry after another.

Lest I forget, I suggest you order a brownie to go with the meal. Although there are many delightful looking treats behind the glass at Normandie, we ordered a mint brownie. Gooey fudgey, topped with a soft mint spread, and the covered with a more firm chocolate shell, I found myself wishing I hadn’t opted to share with My Better-half. I could have eaten several more pieces.

If you’ve not enjoyed lunch at Normandie, take a trip over to Holladay, and try it. I think you’ll find yourself pleased with the result.

So how does it rate?

Food: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 6/10

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  1. My problem with Normandie is that the service is indifferent at best and usually much worse. Especially since the move into their new place.

    I won’t go there to sit down anymore.

    They really don’t seem to care at all and that overshadows whatever food they serve.


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