January 23, 2018

WRR: Benja Thai & Sushi

Pad Thai from Benja Thai & Sushi

It may look like cherry picking to take a recommendation for the best restaurant in St. George, order take out, and then write a raving review about it, but that’s only because cherry picking is what you do when you have a three-year old making mayhem from her car seat and a four-month old making poop in hers.

That’s right. When that’s happening, you don’t go look for a hole-in-the-wall for a new restaurant experience. You go with the sure shot, and you get take-out.

Even take-out can be a win. At least it can be when it’s Benja Thai.

Calling in orders of pad thai and musaman curry, we scurried back to our kitchen, hungry toddler and baby in tow, and immediately set to work convincing ourselves that eating great thai was just as good at home as it was hot from the chef’s kitchen. It wasn’t very hard, at least as long as Benja is cooking.

The musaman curry was delightful, if slightly less spicy that we had hoped and expected. Just because the lady taking the order says that it’s too spicy for a three-year old does not mean that it’s spicy at all. On the contrary, in addition to the usual curry flavored potatoes, carrots, and chicken in a slightly thickened coconut milk sauce, the chef adds some bit of sweetener, as well as a leaf or two of basil. It’s a combo that I didn’t mind spread over my rice, even if I would have preferred a little more heat.

Musaman Curry from Benja Thai & Curry

Our compliment to the curry was pad Thai, which is about as traditional a Thai dish as one can order, not to mention required eating the first time at any new Thai restaurant, was suitably delicious, sweet, and sticky. Again, the only caveat being this: I could use more heat.

If you find yourself in St. George, or anywhere close, take time to catch dinner at Benja Thai…even if you only have enough time for take out.

(PS. Their site is not too shabby, either. Check it out here.)

So how does it rate?

Food: 7/10 (good on the go, too)
Service: 8/10 (no wait for us)
Atmosphere: n/a
Parking: n/a

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