February 25, 2018

Losing sight of the forest for the trees

The state of the debate, says the Economist, is poor, though. On the right, taxes can never balance the deficit (even though the Economist cites Milton Friedman just a sentence before) and expansive spending is justified for prisons, national security, and big business subsidies. On the left, reform is impossible, with Obama methodically “unpicking welfare reform” passed over the last twenty years, including under President Clinton’s administration. Further, “Mr Obama seems to think the public sector is inherently more moral than the private one. Companies are at best cows to be milked, at worst prey to be hunted.” [cont…]

Milton Friedman on freedom: a few thoughts on “Freedom to Choose”

Cover of Free to Choose: A Personal Statement I picked up a copy of “Free to Choose” just this last week, and I was struck by the simple eloquence with which Milton Friedman articulates his views on government, freedom and the free markets. In keeping with thinkers like Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and John Stuart […]