January 22, 2018

San Bernardino, knee-jerk reactions, and the hope for change

It may be too late for me to post-up my knee-jerk reaction to yesterday’s shootings in San Bernardino. It is a tragedy, and I hurt for those who have been killed or injured and for their families and loved ones. Nothing of this world can restore to them to what was lost yesterday.

Today, in the heat of this moment, I won’t impose upon you my feelings about the Second Amendment or gun control except to say that if we turn to our political leadership to find solutions to the problems of society we will constantly be disappointed. They do not have the means or ability to solve this.

If you want to find statistics, data, and anecdotes that reaffirm your opinion, you will find it. Facebook will also cater your feed to provide self-affirming posts so you can feel comforted in your self-created bubble of truth.

Do not be fooled by this. There exists alternate statistics, data,and anecdotes, to say nothing of alternate views and opinions.

Do not be fooled by this, either. Because people have a different view, they are not wrong and you right. They, like you, are the sum of their experiences and there is not one way to solve “this.”

All that mushiness aside, however, I will assert one thing: the world is not improved when you hasten to mock others who respond to tragedy differently than you. This isn’t a spectator sport and when we respond with all of the patience and deliberation of fans of a long-standing rivalry between two competing sports teams we not only diminish the tragedy, we diminish the possibility that we can work together to find a way to change ourselves to prevent more killings.

But we don’t have to be this way. We can choose to be different. We can choose to be better. We can choose to build instead of tear down. We can choose to love instead of hate.Gun-finger

About Daniel Burton

Daniel Burton lives in Salt Lake County, Utah, where he practices law by day and everything else by night. You can follow him on his blog PubliusOnline.com where he muses on politics, the law, books and ideas. He is active on social media, Republican politics, and has been named to PoliticIt’s list of the “Top-50 Utah Political Opinion Leaders” on Twitter. You can reach him directly at dan.burton@gmail.com

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