February 25, 2018

Seven Reasons It’s Getting Harder to be a Print Reporter

Reporters are being laid off in waves. Pressure from Wall Street on print media is requiring change to century old business models. And police seem increasingly willing to use force when reporters are in the way. Here are seven reasons it’s getting harder to be a First Amendment warrior in the Age of the Internet. […]

Book Review: “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” by Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis can tell a story like no other. In fact, even before I finished reading his “The Big Short,” I wanted to work the book into every conversation I had. The story was that interesting and compelling. Anyone who can take the financial crisis of the last few years, find a story in it that centers around subprime mortgages and shorting the market (if you understand what that means and how to do it, you’re more than a step ahead of me and about anyone else I’ve mentioned it to over the last couple weeks), and then make it interesting to the lay reader deserves to be read. [cont…]

Book Review: “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President” by Ron Suskind

Ron Suskind’s a good writer, but he’s also in love with Barack Obama. Well, maybe not in love, but he’s certainly not an objective or dispassionate observer. Even while he’s observing that Obama may not have been ready for the Presidency, he’s lavishing praise on the politician. I read as long as I could, but […]

Occupy Wall Street v. Steve Jobs

Every time one of those Occupy Wall Street (and their lesser known cousins, like Occupy Salt Lake) tweet their status on their iPhone, I am struck by the irony. Steve Jobs was a capitalist, and were it not for Wall Street, there might not have been a Steve Jobs or that iPhone. It was the access […]

the sound of a bubble popping?

Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts Today, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service warned that the United States government is in danger of losing its AAA credit rating, the highest possible rating a large institution can hold. According to Taylor Graff at Cavanaugh Capital Management, the AAA rating is the “pinnacle of safety in the investment universe.” […]