January 23, 2018

Archives for May 13, 2011

Wisdom, via Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Today, a couple pieces of wisdom from the always quotable Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., a man who made the ‘stache look good: I always say that I regard legislation like buying a ticket to the theatre; if you are sure that you want to go to the show and have the money to pay […]

Pioneer Restaurant: Best. Fries. EVER. (or at least last week)

I hope I don’t exaggerate too much when I say that I may have found the best fries in Utah. Ever. Admittedly, it’s not the most accessible restaurant in town, unless that town happens to be Springdale, Utah at the gate of Zion National Park. I arrived by en route from Sand Hollow Reservoir, where I was […]