January 22, 2018

Pioneer Restaurant: Best. Fries. EVER. (or at least last week)

I hope I don’t exaggerate too much when I say that I may have found the best fries in Utah.


Admittedly, it’s not the most accessible restaurant in town, unless that town happens to be Springdale, Utah at the gate of Zion National Park. I arrived by en route from Sand Hollow Reservoir, where I was staying,  by means of a road bike, so by the time I pulled up, the 40 miles I had traveled under pedal power had amply exercised my appetite up to a frenzy.

My Reuben was served warm (as it should be) and was delicious. The marbled rye was toasted, and there was just enough sauerkraut and pastrami filled in between the slices of warm bread to fill my stomach, but not too much to leave me filling stuffed. The meat was well cured and sliced just a tad above thin. It was among the best Reubens I’ve found. As I examined what was to be my last bite, I found myself looking at it longingly, wishing for more, not because I needed it–the portion was just right–but because I had enjoyed it.

Admittedly, not a great picture...and I'd already downed more than half the fries.

But enough about the sandwich. Let’s get back to those fries!!

They were crisp. So hot I almost burned my tongue.  Salted to perfection. Soft on the inside. They were delicious. Next time I am back in Springdale, I’m stopping for fries, I don’t care what time of day it is.

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