February 22, 2018

Yanni’s Greek Express: gyros for the rushed.

A quickie, because sometimes that’s all you have time for.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock (with the Geico guys), then you know that Salt Lake City has an abundance of Greek owned and themed restaurants. This week, I visited Yanni’s Greek Express.

Fast. Greek. And good.

I ordered, of course, a gyro (pronounced ‘your-oh’), and, as an after thought, threw it in a combo. Fries and a drink. Why not? If we’re rushing to build a healthy set of love handles, why hold back?

The gyro was fantastic. The meat was moist and stacked into the pita to maximize the space, not a bit of grease on it (ok, maybe a bit, but not much). The Greek-style yogurt was poured over the top and was just the right amount of tang. A tomato, freshly sliced, topped it off. And the pita tasted fresh and warm.

I’ll be back for another, soon. You should drop by and grab one, too.

The only thing average about the meal was the fries. Just smaller than steak fries, but larger than Mickey D’s, they were about what one could expect, but not what was hoped for. They fit the bill, though–they were fries.

Yanni's Greek Express on Urbanspoon

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  1. Try their fried zucchini next time – yum.

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