January 22, 2018

WRR: Jasmine China Bistro and Sushi Bar

When I sat down and looked around the room at Jasmine China Bistro and Sushi Bar, my first thought was: is this a retirement community?

No, it was not, but the lunch time crowd made it seem so. There must have been a “Senior Citizens Welcome” sign on the front door that I missed.

Fortunately, the food dispels any mirages, and is straight up Chinese. American style, to be sure, but still Chinese. Or, maybe more Japanese?

Yeah, on second thought, I’m going to go with Japanese.

I ordered a lunch special and was treated to a mix of spring roll, rice, dumplings, and salmon in teriyaki sauce. Yes, teriyaki sauce, which is definitely a Japanese concoction. The meal was preceded by a bowl of egg drop soup, which, given the cooler weather, was actually a nice bit of warmth.

I enjoyed the meal, but in more of a “something to eat that didn’t spoil my appettite” kind of way, rather than a “I’ve gotta rave about this restaurant to people” manner. The salmon was cooked, but almost too much. Pieces of a California roll were stuffed with “crab surprise,” something palatable but unsatisfactory.

If you have time, check it out for lunch. It’s affordable and a little lighter than a burger and fries (heck, it’s a lot lighter than burger and fries).

Food: 13/25
Service: 7/10
Atmosphere: 4/10 (unless you’re a senior citizen)
Parking: 5/5

Eat-ability Quotient (an average of scores):  5.8/10

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