January 21, 2018

WRR: Inferno Cantina | It’s Mexican, duh.

I admit it. I picked out the Inferno Cantina for lunch solely because of its name. I really did expect to walk in the doors and find the poet Virgil waiting to guide me through nine circles of, well, lunch.

Apparently, Virgil had the afternoon off, however, and we were left to guide ourselves.

Arriving mid-day, it was clear that the Inferno Cantina must make most of its money in the later hours. Empty when we arrived, the spacious Mexican themed restaurant/bar/nightclub (that we visited in the middle of the day) clearly had plenty of space, not to mention more than  few large televisions strategically situated across the walls of the restaurant. Tile was just as prevalent, if not more so. Tables, floors, walls…tiled.

Since we were the first to arrive for the afternoon (other groups came in shortly after us, so don’t let me give you the impression that the restaurant isn’t popular), our waitress was quick to seat us, quick to take our orders, and quick to fill our glasses, which she did promptly throughout the meal.

Strangely, instead of chips for an appetizer, the Inferno Cantina serves what appears to be toasted or fried tostada along side the obligatory bowl of salsa. We broke up the tostadas and dug in. The salsa was a bit runny and not too spicy, which I could always enjoy more, but it was good enough to finish up the chips.

I ordered a tamale and a chile relleno, and the result was both satisfying and filling. The relleno was soft and mild, and I enjoyed the cheesy filling of beef, picadillo and queso fresco. I’m not typically a tamale fan, but the “homemade” pork caught my eye and I found it to be warm and tender. I’d order it again.

Sided with a full load of rice and beans, Inferno Cantina serves up an excellent Mexican plate.

Food: 7/10
Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 7/10

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