January 22, 2018

WRR: Everest Tibetan Restaurant

It’s a lunch buffet. Of all the images that the words “Everest,” “Tibetan,” or “Restaurant” conjure up in my mind, buffet is not one of them. When I hear the words Everest Tibetan Restaurant, I think of tall, white mountains, I imagine Sherpas and beasts of burden, and I see graceful Buddhist temples. I see many things.

But not a buffet.

Perhaps that’s why I walked in the door of this Everest Tibetan Restaurant. Once I was in,  there was no backing out.

But it wasn’t such a loss. I mean, I did get myself two servings of at least one of the entrees at the buffet. It wasn’t horrible fare, despite its somewhat rustic and romantic sounding name.

I piled up rice with chicken curry, meat filled dumplings, fat noodles, spicy potatoes, and some kind of chicken that reminded me of General Tsao, but…not really that much. And then, this is supposed to be Tibetan, right? Or was it Chinese? Or Indian?  Suddenly, I was all mixed up. What kind of food was this? I know that Tibet’s there at the border with China and India, but is that all the food I would find there? A little of this and a bit of that? But nothing home grown?

Apropos: it was the curry for which I went back for extra helpings. It’s hard to mess up curry,

Was it really that bad? Nah. In fact, if I was in the area, or if I worked near there, I think I’d probably drop in regularly. But with the Himalayan Kitchen two blocks south on State Street, it isn’t my first choice.

So how does it rate?

Food: 5/10 (if 7 is my average, this is just below that)
Service: 7/10 (no wait over lunch, and fast water refills)
Atmosphere: 2/10 (actually had almost a smokey smell)

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