January 20, 2018

WRR: Best Burger

Is it the weekend, yet?

I wish it was. To pretend it is, I’m posting my first Weekend Restaurant Review now. On Wednesday. Yeah. In the middle of the freakin’ week.


Best Burger is a little joint in North Salt Lake that’s pinned between a Taco Time and a Wendy’s. On my way to a meeting, I was short on time and short on fuel, and fast food was all I could see…until I rounded the building and saw Best Burger. And who wouldn’t want to eat the “best” burger?

Two observations, then:

1. I’m on diet, and that means no more fries, less bacon and onion rings (among other things), and fewer burgers. In general, fewer things that are naturally delicious. So this meal was “just” a burger.

2.  I had to wait for a really long time to get a simple burger.

Never fear, though, the wait was mostly worth it. Sporting a sign that proclaims that all burgers are made after the order is taken (in contrast to the pre-made and frozen patty that has made Mickey D’s famous), truly, they can stand by this assertion. I sat in a drive-thru lane for at least seven minutes for my simple “no bacon, no onion rings, no nothing but burger” burger.

The verdict? I’d give it a 6 out of 10, which ain’t too shabby, but definitely isn’t the “best” burger. It’s a patty of one-third a pound of beef, cooked slightly medium, topped with fresh ingredients, and a spongy, tasty bun. I liked it. But it wasn’t that good.

Will I be back? Likely. But not until my diet is over and I can add some of the toppings that I’ve since heard make Best Burger the best burger.

Food: 6/10
Service: 4/10
Atmosphere: 7/10 because it’s supposed to be a hole in the wall, so…

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