January 23, 2018

Thaifoon: a chain, but not a drag

Based on my very limited experience, 1 PM is a great time to eat at Thaifoon.

The lunch crowd has hit the road, you’re extra hungry, since you’re late for lunch, and you can just smell the food cooking. We pulled in as everyone else was pulling out, were quickly seated by a  smiling waitress who quickly took our drinks order and left us with menus to peruse .

Which we immediately forgot to do.

When I asked what the waitress recommended “with noodles,” she offered a fantastic set of choices, the first of which was Jeweled Beef. I didn’t even read the description–I just told her to make it spicy, and I would take it.

Spicy it was. Filled with thick Shanghai noodles that I curled around my fork, I found sugar snap peas and mushrooms mixed in some kind of sweet/hot chili sauce.  Filet mignon, tender and juicy, was plentifully mixed through-out. It was a delicious and succulent dish, a bit more than I expected for a chain restaurant.

I don’t know that it was good enough that I’ll expand my limited experience, but it might be worth it, if I’m in the neighborhood.
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