October 23, 2017

Hermies: If it’s calories you seek…

Apparently, if you work for the Cedar City Police Department, Hermies is the place to eat. We counted four police vehicles in the parking lot as we left.

I’m not sure why.

In addition, it’s also the place to get a “Hermie,” which, as was described to me, involves three patties of beef, ham, bacon…ok, I stopped her in the description right there. There was no way I was putting that down my gullet. At least not until I had run a marathon first.

I did manage to swallow an “Old Fashioned Burger” and fries. The burger involved a slice of ham cum pastrami…I wasn’t sure which it was, and was substantially smaller than how I envisioned the mammoth meal that “The Hermie” would be.  Smaller, but that’s a relative term. I still felt like I was forcing myself to finish it.

And not necessarily with satisfaction. As a burger, it was average. The pattie tasted like it had been frozen before it hit the griddle, and it had that pre-formed flavor that seems to come in the big boxes of burgers you can buy at Costco or any grocery store. Not impressive, but not necessarily a loss, either. The toppings didn’t help: they tasted synthetic and average.

And the fries? After the treat Pioneer Restaurant had been just a day before, I couldn’t handle the limp and lack luster, sliced potatoes that they served us. Maybe we got a bad batch, but I’ll never know. I won’t be going back.

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