June 24, 2017

WRR: Robin’s Nest

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

The first time I tried to get into Robin’s Nest the line was out the door, and I left. The second time, I came before the lunch rush, and I still had to wait. That’s almost always a good sign. In this case, the signs proved true.

With a menu of creatively titled sandwiches, sides of orzo pasta, and a good choice of cookies and pie slices, Robin’s Nest makes a good lunch for the downtown crowd.

My half-sandwich of  “The Cowboy,” which was roast beef, tomato, red onion, pickle, lettuce, mayo, melted swiss & sun-dried tomato horseradish spread on marble rye, hit the spot dead on. I followed it down with a chewy chocolate chip cookie and a small side of orzo.

The bread was slightly toasted, but because it had started to cool, bordered on tasting dry. I’d have prefered it untoasted.

No complaints, and worth waiting in line for a few minutes. If you work downtown, find time to break away for lunch just a few minutes early, and go get in line for the Robin’s Egg.

So how does it rate?

Food: 7/10 (good but nothing to shout about)
Service: 7/10 (a little bit of a wait, and small dining room)
Atmosphere: 5/10 (M’eh)
Parking: 2/5 (It’s downtown. What do you expect?)

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  • Katy ramsay

    Dan- you must go back and get the full rooster!! I started going to RN 8 years ago when it was on 33rd s and I’m known to make a special trip downtown, with my 3 kids, just to get the rooster call! I live it! Try it and report back to me. Hope you like chicken salad 😉

    • Daniel B.

      Ok, Katy, it’s on. I’m gonna head down and try the full rooster. Stand by for a report back.

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