January 20, 2018

Is Swallow planning on bringing a civil rights claim against the state?

Could Utah Attorney General John Swallow be preparing to sue the state for civil rights violations if he is impeached? Despite his comments to the press on June 19, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Utah Attorney General John Swallow does not welcome the House investigative process to look into allegations against him.  Though he continues […]

I agree with Bagley: Indefinite Detention of Americans is Wrong.

Our laws promise access to “due process” and the courts, but at a time when enemies do not wear uniforms, follow a chain of command, can use our own technology and resources to surveil and attack, our multicultural population to hide, and our large and porous borders to infiltrate, the difficulty of providing security has increased dramatically.

Fighting the Nazis and the Japanese in World War II was bloody, but the enemy was clear. Knowing who the enemy is in the twenty-first century is a much more difficult task, especially when the enemy often lives and works among us, looks like us, and acts like us.

That doesn’t mean we quit following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. [Cont…]