January 21, 2018

DP Cheesesteaks: great cheesesteak, great bread, great location

If you’re absolutely sure you won’t get on a plane and fly to Philadelphia, then DP Cheesesteaks is the place for you. Its a heck of a lot closer, a heck of a lot cleaner, and, without a doubt, probably just as good.

Found on Broadway in downtown Salt Lake City, DP Cheesesteaks already has something great going for it: location. It shows, too. The lunch time crowd is business dressed, collared shirts and ties all around.

But enough about them. Let’s talk food. Let’s talk cheesesteaks.

My lunch was a “hot, pepper steak,” covered in jalapenos and banana peppers, as well as one red cherry pepper sitting on top. The meat was hot and plentiful, juicy and dripping, with a slice of provolone melting into it. In other words, it was all sorts of win.

The six-inch hoagie was also warm and soft, just a tad chewie on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside. There was enough bread to hold the sandwich, almost overflowing with meat and peppers, together, in contrast with a lot of sandwich shops which seem to skimp with drying bread.


If you’re downtown, walk on over. The food is fast, fantastic, and fresh, and the prices very reasonable.

Service: 6/10 (fast, but serve yourself)
Atmosphere: 6/10 (it’s just above fast food)
Food: 20/25
Parking: 3/5
Eat-ability Quotient (an average of scores):  7/10

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