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“Let’s go eat some people!”

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A couple of weeks ago, I published a tongue in cheek post poking fun at Twilight and it’s fans…and quickly, my blog’s hits rocketed to new heights…which isn’t exactly saying much.  It revealed to me that there’s a bigger world out there than I realized, a world that follows this Twilight stuff, and avidly.  It’s a world far bigger than those looking for the random musings of a recently licensed attorney.

I don’t know if this is because there are more women online than men, or if Twilight fans (aka “Twifans” or “Twihards,” if they are really devoted) are more avid searchers of the web for content on their favorite movie and book, but there is a lot of interest in Stephanie Meyer‘s vampires.

On the other hand, I suppose it could be all the disenchanted men who have realized that there’s nothing they could ever do to measure up to the beautiful Edward or the ba-zillion abdominal muscles of the canine-like Jacob (aka “the human muscle chart”).  I have no doubt that there are a lot of those out there, too, and they are glad for any excuse to mock and laugh at the movement–because a movement is almost what it is–behind vegi-vampires and their virginal girlfriends.

Which ever group you fall into, be it Twifan or disgruntled boyfriend, here’s one more piece of the Twilight world for you to chew on (no pun intended).

Here’s “how it should have ended.” Twilight, that is.

And that’s how it should have ended.

(Thanks to How It Should Have Ended and YouTube)

Hell hath no fury…

Men are not always the abusers in abusive relationships….despite what you may have heard, there are crazy women out there (and not just the Russian femme fatale variety).  Believe me.  I’ve dated at least one of them. (but I’ll save that for another post…)

The latest, though, managed to get her ex and his sister-in-law thrown in jail.  Several times.  And, in contrast to this woman, who used her cell phone to save her life, used only a cell phone to do the job.

From Simple Justice, here’s the story in it’s entirety as edited, per request of their request, with the original posted there:

Deputy District Attorney Mena Guirguis said that after Manunga and her former boyfriend stopped dating in 2008, she took out a pre-paid cell phone in his sister-in-law’s name, and started sending the threatening text messages to her regular cell phone.

Manunga then went to three different police departments on at least 19 occasions and claimed that the ex-boyfriend and the sister-in-law were behind the threats.

Manunga apparently sent hundreds of threatening and harassing text messages.  To herself.  And it worked.

They were arrested on false charges of making criminal threats and required to post thousands of dollars in bail. The sister-in-law was arrested three times, and spent some time in custody before she could gather enough funds to pay the bail on her third arrest.

Her scheme was uncovered when the victims went to the phone store, talked with the salesman and learned that Manunga had bought the pre-paid phone under the sister-in-law’s name, Guirguis said.

They reported that information to a Costa Mesa police detective, but by then a third arrest warrant had been issued for the sister-in-law.

During a follow-up investigation, the detective discovered that most of the threatening text messages were sent when the pre-paid cell phone was in close proximity to Manunga’s home or work, Guirguis said.

Notice that it was left to the defendants to investigate?  That’s because the police already had their perps in custody.  They were high-fiving, munching stale donuts and praising each other’s brilliant detective work.  Woo hoo, nailed them text message harassers.  Time to hand out the medals.  Even after the defendants’ investigation panned out, they were taken in on the open warrant, forced to await the “follow-up investigation.”  Of course, there can’t be a follow-up until there’s an initial investigation.  Details.

The most painful part of this story is how a scheme by a woman scorned was subject to no scrutiny whatsoever, and resulted in a man and woman being detained to sate the “victim’s” need for vengeance.  Crazy stuff happens.  It wouldn’t kill anybody in the system to do that little bit of legwork that would reveal the purported victim to be the criminal.

It really can’t be this easy for someone to hatch a scheme and use the machinery of the legal system to her own advantage.

Yes, it really can be that easy.

(Thanks to Simple Justice)

(This is an updated post as of July 14, 2010)

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