November 29, 2015

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Anderson quotes, Jeffress has “grintegrity,” & religious bigotry rears its ugly, cowardly head.

Newsflash: Baptists are a part of historic Christianity, but Mormons are not.

I wonder what the Catholics think about that. I’d certainly like to see Politifact fact check Jeffress and his historical revisionism.  Here’s the clip:

The best part comes when Cooper tries to nail Jeffress on why he doesn’t think members of the “Church of Jesus Christ” aren’t Christians. He gives a quote from the LDS Church website that almost exactly mirrors what Jeffress had said only seconds before.

Anderson Cooper (3:03): Reading from “… Jesus Christ is the only way that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father.”

Robert Jeffress: [pregnant pause] “Yeah…well…and we could get into a theological discussion, put everyone to sleep down there–”

Please, do put us to sleep. If we’re going to start using words, maybe we ought to defend what those words mean. Because really–what Jeffress is saying is that he can call Mormons whatever the heck he wants and no one can criticize it as long as he asserts a definition of his own choosing. Nevermind that it’s a definition that doesn’t hold up internally. Or externally, for that matter.  It’s a pejorative, and you know it, no matter how much you try to talk around it.

I would ask Jeffress:  if it’s a theological debate, why bring it up? Why insert it into politics? If it doesn’t matter, why make it matter? Or are you suddenly caught in a contradiction and unsure how to respond?

All the while, Jeffress keeps his “grintegrity.” Learn it. Know it. Fear it.