January 23, 2018

WRR: Midvale Mining Company| Breakfast Comfort Food

If you’re going to get breakfast in Midvale, you might as well go to the Midvale Mining Company. There is an abominable dearth of breakfast eaters in this world, with the masses switching to nutritious yogurt “drinks” and fortified granola like bars in lieu of the traditional breakfast.

You know what I’m talking about–you ran out of the house this morning with one of them in your hand (if you ate anything at all), and you let the hash-browns, pancakes, oat mill, cereal, waffles, fruit, bacon, sausage, orange juice, and a myriad of other God-given gifts on the table, cupboards and fridge. Because seriously–what is a morning if it doesn’t include at least a pound of bacon grease?

But seriously, folks, let’s get back to basics. Let’s get back to breakfast (can you tell that I ran out the door without anything this morning? My belly’s giving me no end of grief, right now).

Midvale Mining Company might be just the place to start. No mines, but lots of great breakfast food, including a plate of crispy hash-browns and easy over eggs that I enjoyed for breakfast one day a week or so ago.  So worth it. And I so wish it had been this morning. [grumbling stomach]


Food: 7/10
Service: 8/10

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