January 22, 2018

Senator Hatch’s anti-tax hike sequester proposal [updated]

[Update] Since original publication, Senator Hatch’s Press Secretary was kind enough to both read and comment that the Senator’s proposal is only intended to be a short term fix and that the Senator has proposed more long term solutions to Medicare and Medicaid. The proposal dates back to the end of January and can be found […]

“Do what I say (pass my budget), not what I do (ignore your budget).”

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Our federal government is on the verge of shutting down. And President Obama wants Congressional Republicans to do what he says (pass his budget), not what he does (ignore their budget). The United States government doesn’t have a budget for fiscal year 2011, yet. If it doesn’t pass one by […]

Jack Daniels explains the deficit (a la Politicalmath)

Because it’s been one of those days, I give you a lesson in the federal deficit.

Why the federal budget is like a road trip…at 174 miles per hour.

I had lunch with a fascinating guy today: Matthias Shapiro, or @politicalmath if you’re on Twitter. Matthias has done a few amazing visualizations on YouTube to demonstrate the realities of America’s budgetary problems. He explained to me that he got started when he heard President Obama offer, early in his term, to cut $100 billion […]

When is $100 billion not enough?

When it’s non-security discretionary spending cuts from the budget. That’s when. Then it’s just not solving the problem. It’s pandering for the press and for constituents. The problem, and all the talk Washington, is the deficit and getting it back to a manageable level.  Republicans in an effort to keep campaign promises and reduce the deficit, are […]

Federal budget outraces CPI by four times

Did you know that federal spending has increased  faster than consumer prices? Four times faster? From 2000 to 2010, federal spending has increased 106% while prices (according to the Consumer Price Index) have only increased 26%. In other words, while the cost of stuff has risen only 26%, the government is spending roughly four times more than if […]

You won–now what? Cut the budget.

How might the new Congress avoid the “do-nothing” trap and prove to the American people that they heard the message and actually provide solutions that limit the growth of government and decrease the federal deficit? I sat at lunch the other day with a friend, and last weeks election came up. The Republicans won, he […]