January 20, 2018

Restaurant Review | Korea House

Korea BBQ PorkI’ll be honest: just thinking about my experience at Korea House, a local Korean cuisine eatery, is making me salivate. Faintly, I can feel the spicy barbecue that I had for lunch, and it’s making me hungry. Alas, at the late hour that I’m drafting this, and with the snow falling outside, it is unlikely that I’ll go hunting for it.

But I can wish. If you can’t tell, I enjoyed my meal.

To be honest, there’s not a lot to shout about when you walk in. When I did, Gangnam Style was playing over the speaker (cliché, a bit?) and some kid was dancing for his family. The tables were unremarkable, but we were seated quickly and with a smile.

But who goes to a restaurant for the decor? Not I. I go for the food. And the food was not lacking.

Being lunch, I ordered the house recommendation, de-ji-bul-go-gi combo, a marinated spicy pork. How spicy I asked? Not very, I was told. Then make it spicy, I ordered.

Spicy it was. Not the kind of spicy that you taste right off the bat, but the kind that’s kind of sweet, and then builds…until you feel the burning not only in your mouth, but on your lips, too. Yeah, by the end, I was pretty much wiping my runny nose after every bite. It was most excellent.  And I’m craving some right now.


Food: 7/10

Service: 8/10 (Given that I drained my glass four times, I can’t complain. They kept it full.)

Atmosphere: 6/10

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