January 22, 2018

O’Falafel: Fresh, healthy, and exotic food

Looking for something exotic? Something new? Something fresh? Something healthy?

O’Falafel has it all. Almost hidden behind the Pancake House on 2100 S. in Sugar House, this boutique size restaurant has prices that seem geared towards the college/lunch time crowd, but has a selection that will make just about any body happy. My wife and I have long been fans, and no occasion is too significant for stopping by for a falafel or shawarma. Not even Valentines Day.

That’s right. We even went there for Valentines.

Now, before you decide I’m a cheap wad (which I am), please take note that it was her idea…and we had a two-year old in tow. Two year old in train or not, though, O’Falafel fits the bill just about any day.

On Valentines, both to tide over our squirmy toddler and because we were just plain hungry, we took an order of hummus with our meal as an appetizer. It was just the right flavor, with not too much tahini and just the right amount of olive oil. The pitas that came with it for dipping were fat and warm, and I almost filled up before our meals arrived.

I usually get a shawarma, which is a pita filled sandwich that (according to the World Wide Web) comes from Lebanon. O’Falafel’s shawarma’s are in fresh pitas that have that just-came-out-of-the-oven fresh taste, and are stuffed with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, a yogurt-like sauce (if you want it), and cucumbers. I usually get beef, but you can get chicken, too. The sandwich is perfect if you add a little bit of the hot sauce that comes with the meal. I warn you, though: the hot sauce is very hot.

Another favorite of our family is the classic falafel itself. Filled with a lot of the same ingredients as a shawarma, the falafel replaces the meat with balls of chick peas (yeah, the same thing that hummus is made from) . I’m not positive, but I think they’re deep fried. You wouldn’t know it, though; there isn’t a lot of oil or grease, if any at all, in the sandwich.

Check out O’falafel when you’re in Sugar House. It’s worth the time, and with shawarmas and falafels going for under $8, it’s an inexpensive, healthy, and different place for lunch. Definitely better than going through the drive-through at McDonald’s.
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