January 23, 2018

Himalayan Kitchen: a great find downtown

I think this must be one of the best places to eat near the Matheson Courthouse.  So I’m not sure how I’ve missed it before.

There was a time when I could eat Indian food and find it completely to my satisfaction, no questions asked. However, that time has passed. I’ve enjoyed the Bombay House cuisine for too long to not measure every other Indian themed restaurant by that yard stick.

The Himalayan Kitchen is no exception, and fortunately, they do a great job at measuring up to the standard. There are a few places on their menu that I found Bombay House far and away superior (such as the Naan), but, by and in large, I enjoyed aspects of the Himalayan Kitchen that Bombay House could never match.

For example: the buffet lunch. One thing I hate to do is wait, even if waiting is worth the while. Bombay House serves superior cuisine, just barely, but you’ve got to wait for it. At the Himalayan Kitchen, I loved being able to walk right up to a buffet table and serve my own Masala and Tandoori.

As if the food was not enough, the service was great, too. When I first arrived, I found myself parking in a metered spot but without any coins. I hurried into get some change to fill the meter, and I was offered a 1 hour token, for free, instead. Once I sat to eat, my glass was never empty, and the waiter was quick to take away my plate.

The atmosphere was great, too. Although the restaurant was busy, it was quiet, and I enjoyed the soft lighting, as well as the spacious benches.

It wasn’t the Bombay House, but it’s close enough. If I’m downtown again soon, I’m going back to the Himalayan Kitchen.
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