January 21, 2018

Este Pizzeria. New York style pizza in Salt Lake City.

With a couple of chairs and small tables outside and a flat glass window, you don’t know what you’re getting when you walk up to Este Pizzeria. What you get is faux urban, pop culture decorated, and all deliciousness.
I ordered a half-half split pizza–half all cheese for my friend, toppings of sausage, some onions, olives, and pepperoni on mine. The crust was thin and crusty, but with enough elasticity that I could fold the cheesy pizza in half and bite into it.In other words, it’s a great place with some crispy, cheesy, New York-y pizza.

I finished my half, and almost dug into the other. Restraint and an expanding waistline kept me from finishing it off for him.

In addition to great pizza, Este has a fun, hip atmosphere. The music is hopping, loud enough to give each table privacy, but not too loud that you need to shout. The walls are covered with graphic art posters and prints in frames, and it lends well to the New York feel.

My only complaint was the service, but even that is with a caveat. I waited a good two minutes in front of the counter before anyone even acknowledged me, and then got attitude from the girl there when I asked if she could wipe off the crumbs from the table. She did, however, apologize, citing a busy and stressful day.

Will I go back? No doubt about it. I love pizza, and  Este Pizzeria makes me love it more.

Service: 6.5/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Food: 18/20
Parking: 6/10
Eat-ability Quotient (an average of scores):  7.7/10

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