January 21, 2018

California Pizza Kitchen: use the counter

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When it’s 30 minutes to tip-off and you show up at a restaurant right next door to the venue (EnergySolutions, in this case), you better plan on being late to the game.

That was our plan. California Pizza Kitchen beat our expectations, though, and we were pleasantly surprised at that.

It was obvious when we walked in that the restaurant was full. People were loitering inside and out of the entrance, waiting for their table, and there was a line just to get on the list. When we got our turn, we were told it was at least a 25 minute wait, which, actually, probably isn’t so much. But our indecisiveness showed on our faces, and the seater suggested that perhaps we would be interested in the counter, instead? We could seat there on a first come, first serve basis, and put our order in right away.

We took her up on it, and in the next two minutes we went from a twenty-five minute wait to ordering and sipping on drinks. We also had the added fun of watching the kitchen (as well as the Yanks get beat by the Rangers on the overhead television). The waitress behind the counter was quick and friendly.  She took our orders right away, and kept our drinks topped off for the whole meal.

The only reason I would rate this a four out of five instead of a five is because the pizza I ordered was only average.  I’ve had the Siciliano, which I love for its meat and spiciness, but tonight we tried the carne asada, which was not as good. In fact, it was slightly bland. The meat on it was ok, but the sauce was average and the green peppers lacked any flavor at all.

With our pizza, we ordered an asian salad, which we shared, and it was fantastic.  Just enough chicken, just enough sauce, just enough crisps, and just enough fresh lettuce.  It was a great salad.

If you go, then, and you’re in a hurry, try the counter for something different, and something quick.
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